Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sea Breeze Mini

I recently signed up to another Quilt-a-long through Instagram. This one is hosted by Angie of Gnome Angel and she selected the Sea Breeze Mini Quilt by Canoe Ridge Creations, you can buy the pattern here if you want to give it a shot yourself. Go on go on go on!

What better opportunity to get some of those Cotton and Steel basics out and chop into them eeek. And it's a double eeek because this pattern involves a lot of HSTs and requires a fair amount of accuracy when piecing, something I am no good at at all!!!! Actually it's only my second time using a pattern as I'm normally a bit of a make it up as you go along kinda gal. Anyway, it's only a mini so I thought it couldn't really be too painful haha! 

As it turns out the pattern is well written and very easy to follow. Of course I had to do it my own way and pieced it differently to the way the pattern stated (obviously leading to some points being pretty off, if you stand far back enough you can't see, hmmm).

It's still a work in progress and I've to finish off the binding so I'll take a photo of that soon for you to see. The quilting was mainly matchstick leaving a few strips empty for added texture and interest. I need to get over my matchstick quilting obsession, the old saying less is more would have been the way to go here and keeping it simple would've really made the pattern pop but hey, I'm not one to know when to stop. 

I hope to get that binding done tonight and show you the finished quilt soon - watch this space......


  1. Your Sea Breeze mini is amazing! I did the #seabreezemqal, too, and posted a link to yours on my blog. Great work!

    1. I love yours too, its so pretty, thanks so much for the link xxx

  2. Outstanding, I really need to re think Black. well done

  3. Thanks, my first time using black and i'm converted - love it!!! x