Thursday, 13 March 2014

Patchwork and Quilting Classes

Some exciting news! I'm going to be taking some evening classes in patchwork and quilting at the wonderful Kitschnbake cafe. The class is suitable for complete beginners, all you need is your own sewing machine and to be able to see a straight line with it, as easy as that. We will start by making some simple quilt blocks then move onto individual projects which can be pieced, basted, quilted and bound into lovely handmade masterpieces! If you are interested just get in touch. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Quilt For Joshua

My gorgeous little nephew Joshua arrived in January and I wanted to make him something special he could keep for years to come but I also wanted to make him something he could actually use. It was always going to be a quilt but I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go for - a nice mix of fabrics in paler shades or to go completely bold with it?!? 

I used a lot of my wonderful Maze and Vale fabrics by Leslie (who couldn't love them right?) and I mixed them with some new pieces I picked up on an Instagram de-stash sale. I tried to add lots of little details like these tabs, perfect for little hands to play with, the monkey pictured below has nice crunchy ears too, he should have had a squeaker in his belly but I forgot to put it in! This all meant the quilt could be laid on the floor and used as a play-mat too.  

I hand embroidered his name above the monkey and of course finished off the dungarees with a J. I must admit I really loved this quilt and was quite proud to hand it over to wee Joshua. I hope he will love it for years to come. 

I actually forgot to take photographs of the finished article for the blog so these are just some of my work in progress ones taken a while ago. 

And how cute is the wee man himself lying there on his quilt looking quite content. Proud Auntie alert!

Another Apology!

So it seems that I have yet again neglected the blog. It's not that I haven't done anything, but these days with limited time I tend to post photographs of what I'm up to on Instagram or Facebook and then am too flipping lazy to write a blog post about it too! I've also been without my camera for a few months now  and am a bit loathed to just keep posting lots of poorer quality photos from my phone on here, however that's what you are gonna get just now and until I get my camera back!

Here's a little picture of Sam in his quilt to brighten up this post for you and keep it vaguely interesting. Must try harder......

Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 11

My parents have taken Sam out for a walk, I have a cup of tea, I can still drink it whilst it's hot and I also have some silence! 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Day 10

Saw these hand prints in the cement whilst out walking this afternoon. All I could think about was the fun and cheeky giggles that must've been going on whilst the family did this :) 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 9

This wee guy has been in a grump for most of the day but a nice half hour of giggles and baby babbling this afternoon made up for it! 

Ps all my #100happydays photos are shared on Instagram, just incase you started thinking the blog was looking a bit Instagram heavy!!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 8

Today I got a little bit of sewing done whilst Sam had his morning nap, only a little bit, but better than none at all right? 

Monday, 13 January 2014

100 Happy Days

A friend on Facebook brought this little project to my attention recently #100happydays The idea is simple, you post a photograph every day for 100 days of something that has made you happy. The main thinking is that you will start to notice all the little things around you that make you smile on a daily basis. A nice little project for the new year - just hope I remember to do it! My first week is over, this is what made me happy in the last 7 days! (Well just 6 here actually, seem to have deleted one!!!).

Friday, 11 October 2013

All About Me

A work colleague and good friend Jennifer Farquharson has just launched her own range of handmade greetings cards. Jennifer says her "All About Me" cards are unique, hand made and lovingly created to give you a greeting card suitable for all occasions. Each of her individual designs are inspired by 'Me" but without the ego. She has just opened her folksy shop here and you can check out her Facebook page here. I love them, so cute and some really nice colours and paper combinations - nice work Jen!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Crib Quilt Completed

So here it is, my first crib sized quilt is complete and I love it which means this will be a picture heavy post haha!

love the colours and the quilted circles and the quilted wiggly lines and the fabric!!! It measures roughly 75cm x 100cm so was a great size to quilt up without getting lost under a whole load of fabric and tangled up at the machine. I think it would look pretty good as a wall hanging too if I added some loops to the top. Would love to know what you think since I'm still pretty new to this quilting malarkey. 

Can't wait to start the next one now.....