Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Quilt For Joshua

My gorgeous little nephew Joshua arrived in January and I wanted to make him something special he could keep for years to come but I also wanted to make him something he could actually use. It was always going to be a quilt but I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go for - a nice mix of fabrics in paler shades or to go completely bold with it?!? 

I used a lot of my wonderful Maze and Vale fabrics by Leslie (who couldn't love them right?) and I mixed them with some new pieces I picked up on an Instagram de-stash sale. I tried to add lots of little details like these tabs, perfect for little hands to play with, the monkey pictured below has nice crunchy ears too, he should have had a squeaker in his belly but I forgot to put it in! This all meant the quilt could be laid on the floor and used as a play-mat too.  

I hand embroidered his name above the monkey and of course finished off the dungarees with a J. I must admit I really loved this quilt and was quite proud to hand it over to wee Joshua. I hope he will love it for years to come. 

I actually forgot to take photographs of the finished article for the blog so these are just some of my work in progress ones taken a while ago. 

And how cute is the wee man himself lying there on his quilt looking quite content. Proud Auntie alert!

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