Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Quilt Progress

So in my usual blogging fashion I have been a bit lazy and missed out loads about the Quilt-a-long. I am now finished the quilt and I couldn't be happier with the result - don't think it's turned out too shabby considering it is the first quilt I have ever made.

The fabrics were picked to suit my little boy's room and the quilt fits his cotbed perfectly so I'm hoping it lasts a few years (perhaps putting a bit too much faith in my sewing skills!).

I also surprised myself by keeping up with the timescales for the project and snatched whatever time I could between Sam's naps and after his bedtime, think it would've turned out to be another of my great unfinished craft projects otherwise! 

I managed to do patchwork, quilting and even binding all on my own - feeling a bit smug that I managed haha. I will pop on some pics of the finished article for you to see too, after a cuppa though! 

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